What is the Ramadan fasting Rules?

What is the Ramadan fasting Rules?

The conditions for fasting

  1. Muslim.
  2. Adult.
  3. sane
  4. Physical ability for fasting.

What is the exact fasting time in Ramadan?

  • The time for abstinence begins about ten minutes before the Fajr prayer so that a person does not fall into doubt about his condition.

What is the forbidden during fasting?

1) Anything that reached the throat intentionally:

 Such as eating, drinking, or taking medicine, but on purpose.

2) Vomiting:

 Vomiting invalidated fasting; this means that the fasting person intentionally expels vomit from his stomach.

3) Intercourse:

It is forbidden during the day in Ramadan during the time of fasting, but it is allowed after the sunset at Maghreb prayer until the time of abstinence before the Fajr prayer.

4) A bleeding, postpartum bleeding, or childbirth:

It invalidates fasting, and the one who breaks the fast must compensate these days and fast them whenever possible.

5) Apostasy:

It is the return from Islam to disbelief by choice.

Who are the exempt cases from fasting in Ramadan?

  1. The patient.
  2. The traveler.
  3. Those unable to fast.
  4. Non-Muslim.
  5. Who can’t bear of afford fasting.
  6. Brest Feeding
  7. A legitimate excuse for a woman like menstruation or postpartum.

Advantages of god worship in Ramadan:

  1. God distinguished Ramadan by making it specific for answering prayers and emancipation from the fire.
  2. God has distinguished it with many virtues, the most important of which is that in this month the Qur’an was revealed. In addition to, Decree night, which is better than a thousand months as God said.
  3. God also made the one who performed the Umrah in Ramadan equal the one who performed the pilgrimage to the Sacred House of God.
  4. Fasting all days of the holy month of Ramadan every year is the only fast imposed by God on Muslims. As other fasting like Arafat Day ,Ashura, Mondays, Thursdays, and others, these days are desirable to fast but not obligatory for Muslims.

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