What is the advantages of the last ten nights of Ramadan?

what’s the advantages of last 10 night of Ramadan

The last ten  nights that fall between the twenty-first night of Ramadan and its end of the month. Starts specifically from the sunset of 20th day of the month  after the Maghreb prayer,  until sunrise of the last day of the month. The last ten nights are characterized by unique advantages and rewards. That is including mercy, forgiveness, and emancipation from the fire. Muslims spending the last 10 nights of Ramadan awake late into the night, worshipping god by praying, reading the Qu’ran and donation which bring immense spiritual rewards.

The most important advantage is that Decree night falls on one of the nights for at last ten nights. Muslims believe that Decree night is the best time to ask for forgiveness.

Decree night is considered the best of all nights, in which God revealed the holy Qur’an, as God said that it is “The Night of Decree is better than a thousand months{} he angels and the Spirit [i.e., Gabriel] descend therein by permission of their Lord for every matter{} Peace it isuntil the emergence of dawn{}.” It is the night in which the Holy Quran was revealed.

Among the signs of the Night of Power:

  • The calmness and joy in the heart of the Muslim.
  • The wind is static.
  • The sun is clear, meaning it has no rays.

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